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CityXGuide Review: Backpage Replacement Site Full of Shady Links

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And if you remember well Backpage was closed due to having problems with the law. Maybe you won’t have the same problems with City X Guide but there are definitely higher risks on this busy website with multiple links. All in all, I know it’s better that you look for fun in the world of adult entertainment offline on legitimate dating websites. It leads to paid memberships on scamming hookup websites. You won’t find people genuinely interested in getting late as most people on hookup sites do. In fact, it uses the usual tricks of mostBackpage replacement sites which provide advertisements to promote their legitimate sex businesses.

This online thumbs up really makes stand out from the pack. The site is simple to use too, sort of like the Craigslist of escorts and porn. Oh, Backpage, how our lives are never the same without you.

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Instead of requiring a membership from everyone, CityXGuide took the intelligent decision of only requiring account creation from the escorts who were posting ads and pictures. With sites like cityxguide in which anybody can post with no screening, you will get some bad apples. Whether Wilhan knew this was going on or not that's for the courts to decide. The owner Wilhan Martono aged 46 has been arrested for sex trafficking, laundering cash and a few other charges all tied into this website.

As the name suggests, there is a big focus on preserving anonymity, so whatever you do in the dark doesn’t come back to bite you in your personal life. There are many alternatives to beautiful escorts for you to choose from, and the entire workflow feels like a premium experience. I’ve mentioned many times before that you won’t get any success which websites that look like Backpage. This website just used its model to mimic a successful advertising platform but included plenty of shady content.

Top 10 Sites Like Cityxguide

Again, only the escorts looking to make some cash have to pay a dime.If you’re a regular John looking to get laid, don’t even sweat the price tag. is the crème de la crème of escorts sites. First of all, there are multiple ad boards specifically for escorts based in cities in different states.

Here is more information in regards to best buy jo look into the site.


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